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Hypiq Deals is a largest reseller of known brands

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Hypiq Deals

Hypiq deals with working with many brands & distributors all over the world and resell their products. We are one of the biggest sellers on Amazon and promoting brand values there. If your business is not on Amazon that means it does not exist.

Building your Brand

Hypiq deals are covering the gap that is created by brands by not making an online presence. Your brand appearance on Amazon definitely makes a great impact and increase your sales and trust of buyers.

Map Following

A MAP price is a minimum amount that the reseller agrees not to advertise below. If a water-bottle company sets a MAP price of 20$ for it’s best selling items then all resellers including brick and mortar stores and Amazon resellers are obligated to advertise this product at 20$ or…

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We are the largest reseller of known brands on Amazon.

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